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Exchange programmes in English speaking countries

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My name is Brigitte Mathon.
As a teacher of English, I’ve been teaching and organizing exchange programmes between my students and families from UK & USA for 30 years.
We are a private high school situated in Annecy, a lovely town located in the Haute-Savoie section of France (part of the Alps region near the Swiss and Italian borders)

The school has an active work placement programme in which the students’ curriculum consists of periods spent in school sandwiched with periods working for various companies in the area. In order to complete their degree our students must do a certain number of work placements including a longer one abroad which ultimately culminates in a major oral exam in English with « European Section » Honour on their diploma. This is the reason why we want our students to go abroad in an English-speaking country for at least 8 weeks extendable to 3 months. This year, it will take place between June, 11th and September, 11th.
The students can go to any English-speaking country to stay with a family as an Au Pair. They can provide child care and various types of home support over the summer for their host families. However, the students are part of the family and must not be considered as an employee. They also appreciate being taken around for some cultural visits of the area.
They can also be part of a working team, either hired and given a salary or hosted as a volunteer on a work placement basis. And if they can get a real job, it is fine too.
It is important for the students to improve their English. A placement abroad is a marvellous opportunity to improve their mastery of the language.
If you are interested in participating in our programme, contact us on
And check out the school’s website
Brigitte Mathon, teacher in charge mathonbrigitte@aol.com