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My Canadian Experience by Janic

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My name is Janic. I stayed 3 months, in a Canadian family with 4 kids : Paige, Chloe, Noah ( Triplets) and Addison. Trish and Randy are the parents. The family leaves in Ottawa, the capital city.

How did you find the family?
At the beginning, I tried to find a family thanks to my friends who wanted to help me, but it was complicated. So, I asked my English teacher (Brigitte) and she sent me one e-mail. It was the Canadian family, looking for a student for the summer.
After that, I created a little personal file, in which I talked about what I like, my friends, my family and where I leave.

How did you organized you trip ?
A few days later, Brigitte said to me “it’s ok for you, you can go to Canada”. The same evening, I went on my computer and I looked for a fly ticket for Ottawa. Maybe one or two days later I bought, with my mum, my fly ticket for Ottawa. At this moment, I was sure to go to Canada during the summer.

How was it to take the plane by yourself ?
At the beginning, I was scared to take the plane by myself. I was scared to get lost in the airport, especially because I had to stop in Frankfurt during 6 hours. It was the first time I had to take the plane by myself. But I had no problem, along the travel the staff of the airport helped me and was very nice. When you are in the plane, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful views.

How was the first contact with the family ?
Before leaving France, I had a few contacts with the family, by e-mail or by phone. But I had never seen them before. When I arrived in the airport, I was lost and very tired because I didn’t sleep in the plane. But when I arrived in the airport, Trish was waiting for me with a big sign where it was written my name. At this moment, I knew it would be fantastic and amazing.

What did you discover over there? How is the lifestyle ?
I discovered a lot of things : the country, the food. It’s so beautiful, everywhere it’s green with a lot of trees and forests! Everywhere it’s so big : big houses, big school, big stores! The food it’s almost the same as in France, and they eat a lot of barbecues during the summer!
What did you like or did not like in Canada ?
I liked everything in this country! Everything is beautiful!!!! I can’t explain but it’s really a beautiful country and everybody is welcoming.

What did you have to do ?
Every morning I helped the kids to make their bed and brushed their teeth. After that, we were doing one creating activity, one exercise like a skipping rope, jump on the trampoline, running. Then, we did twenty minutes in French, because the kids are learning French at school. Sometimes, I helped the parents to mind the kids, in the swimming pool.

For me it was a beautiful summer and I’m sure I will remember it for a long time.